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Top 5 Bills that Don't Get Paid Due to the Holidays

Loans of America offers car title loans for paying off holiday bills and other expenses

November 10, 2011

Loans of America, a leading provider of online car title loans, is helping people with paying off holiday bills and other expenses by offering car title loans as a cash supplement during the holiday season. During the holidays, bills may start to pile up as holiday expenses consume any excess cash that may be lying around at other times of the year. Holiday gifts tend to take precedence over making payments on common bills including credit cards, student loans, rent, car loans, and utilities.

These top 5 bills are often overlooked due to the holidays and can result in falling behind on payments, causing interest rates to sky rocket and credit scores to suffer. Missing just a single payment on bills such as credit cards and student loans can set you up for failure for the rest of the year, as the cost of the monthly payments increases and the duration of the loan extends. When it comes to missing payments on monthly expenses such as rent, car loans and utilities, the problems become quickly exacerbated as utilities are shut off, landlords become impatient and threats of repossession begin.

“Car title loans are a great way to avoid falling behind on common bills during the holiday season” said the CFO of Loans of America. “By getting a car title loan online, people are able to have a normal holiday season and buy gifts for their family without having to worry about paying off bills after the holidays.”

About Loans of America

Loans of America is a consumer finance company that provides immediate short-term cash loans on vehicles. The founders of Loans of America have been successfully providing long and short-term consumer loans for over 11 years to individuals with good, little or less-than-perfect credit. A short-term cash loan is based on the equity of the vehicle, not on the customer's credit-making it easier for those with bad credit to go online and get car title loans. Loans of America is the longest standing provider of its kind. For more information please visit